Set Up New Business ? Open New Branch ?

Rebrand Your Business ? Design for Your BRAND?


To Bring Revenue to Your Brands & Businesses 


Had You Started Your Branding Activities 

(Expand Your Brand , and GET



Let Me know if this Happen to you..

As an entrepreneur or small business owner, there have been times in our lives where we've heard and believed the concept of :

"We need to SAVE Cost On Intangible Asset and Invest More on Tangible Asset ..."

Right ?

And so we decide to start our business...

We sources our products, or sources service provider....

Whatever YOUR THING is....

Hoping that IF we found the cheapest product or service, that company will save money on our expansion. 

And then we WAIT, for our

future dream result to

come to us...

But unfortunately, they never "just" come...

Is that your story right now?  Is that why you're here? 

Have you plan something amazing, but you don't know HOW to get it done for you?

Or, does your story sound a little bit different?  


Maybe you have started to design your logo or writing content, and you're getting some revenue (or customers) to come to you...


But the FEEL, Doesn't match your BRAND or Business...


Have you ever thought...

"If I Can Get A PRACTICAL Person that DONE all the Works Thats Bring REAL Result

Into My Brand or Business... 

Do I Need to Be So STRESSFUL ?"

My name is Kasey Fong, and I'm the owner of SAY SHEJI, and I so dedicated to make my client happy with their expectation. 

8 years ago , I had started my company called SAY ID , and as the "non technical" co founder who had no skills in carpentry, I wasn't able to help to build , but I knew my role. 

When the business started, I needed to have a Trusted and Reputable Brand to Convince Their Branding Project with me.

And everyday after that, I needed to make sure I kept filling my project with BRAND Concerned Client

To do that, I had to learn how to refine the brand from tons of different sources...

I couldn't rely on just Marketing and Branding Book, or just Google.

I had to learn how to do thing differently... I had to involve more and be smarter.

4 Years And Hundreds Of Project Later...

3 years ago , I had started another company called SAY SHEJI ,

We refine implementation of Branding ...

We explore and tried when there is someone said this client would get our brand more recognised, we approach it .


Each new client would help us to tap into a new exploration of Branding Strategy !

What seemed impossible before (getting a consistent flow of our dream customers into our Client Base), was now a reality. 

Because of the Branding Skillset that I applied for my business, we able to applies on our client . 


We help from small Start Up Business on their Logo Branding to Product Packaging Design and Packaging Fabrication . We Able to Design with practicality 

Even in Pandemic , we still help our client to Rebrand their Business for them to cope with the tough situation

And while that is A LOT of Satisfied Client , it's just ONE of my many clients that I served. 

You can see the Video below for Completed SATISFIED MNC Client .

Continuous to make my client happy is my priority. 

You can see my photo from Newly Establish to Expansion.


"What Would Happen to Your Business If You Able to Attract Targeted Customers To

Recognise Your Brand !?!"

And that’s just a small handful of my satisfied client.

If Branding is just about a logo or wording for your business.I don't think The top 10 business in the world is using the The most influential designer for their brand . Branding require in every aspect for the business ,including : 

  • Content Creation & Exposure...

  • Company's Brand Structuring ...

  • V.I(Visual Identity) & C.I(Corporate Identity)...

  • Retails Experience...

  • Consumer Behaviour Sculpturing ...

  • And More...!

If you are plan to Rebrand or Expand (or trying to exposed in online) - SAY SHE JI will help get more eyeballs on whatever you Brand is!

Marble Surface

Great Design

— LuxeDeSkin

“Thanks for Great Design ,

Great Input for My Branding Journey

Will Engage You for Future

Branding & Design Work.”