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AORB Group

I’m committed to all of my clients by providing professional services tailored to their needs. I believe in forming strong partnerships and am proud of my growing client portfolio. Take a look at below to learn more about my clientele.


- F&B Experience Consultation

- Kitchen Operation Advisory

- SOP Management Consultation


AORB Group




AORB Group 

Think out of the box. Providing crazy and challenging ideas is what I always do. Consulting clients with ‘fresh’ ideas when they are feeling stuck or planning to move on into another stage is what they are always looking for. 


F&B Experience Consultation

  • Food Presentation

    • Provide Client on How the food to be present on consumer in a solid and presentable manners.

    • Food Appearance Consultancy on Food Handling

  • Food Engineering and Menu Design

    • To consult and advise on Menu Design and Engineering 

    • Full menu concept building

  • Food Wastage Management

    • To fully utilize food wastage to create new food menu 

    • Food Freshness Management that minimize food wastage. 


F&B Retail Advisory

  • Retails Set Up

    • Providing Retail Set Up Advisory on Cost Management and Design Concept 

  • Business Development

    • Advisory on Strategic Expansion with Exposure Management

  • Brand Experience

    • Consultation on Consumer Experience on Retails Experience and Presentation 


Kitchen Operation Advisory

  • From Raw to Mouth 

    • Consult on kitchen flow that create the best flow for staff to present food to consumer

  • Kitchen Equipment Setting Consultation 

    •  Kitchen Equipment Set Up with Space planning and SOP implementation management.

  • Central Kitchen Setting and Expansion

    • Advisory on Central Kitchen Set Up and Outlet Planning


Videography & Photography

Pictures speak thousands of words. Visual Graphic (Video & Picture) is one of the elements that will attract the attention of the people, leaving a good and deep impression towards your target audience is what video / photography do.


SOP Management Consultation

  • From Hand to Paper

    • Documentation on SOP building for Kitchen Daily Operation

  • Business Module Expansion

    • Simplify and Advise on Food handling with duplication module

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