top of page - Program Activation for Thai Tourism Industry with Web 3.0 NFT Development

We responsible from Website Development, Content Development, Video Production , Talent Collaboration, Partnership Collaboration Development , NFT ART Development.


Content Creation 

Video Production

Business Development

Website Development

Branding and Marketing Activation



2022 - 2023 Project is located in Thailand. The project includes a membership program, series of video name "How to Spend 7 Days in Chiang Mai", and Partnership development with local Brand owners

SAY Sheji  說設計 involve following:- 

- Video Production

- Partnership Development

- Website Development

- Membership Marketing Activation

- Project Coordination 

feature in travel show

partnership program


Multilanguage Content
Promoting Tourism 

Our Expertise in crafting new content with the multilanguage capability to cultivate Audiences from multiple countries is the Edge of the SaySheji Production Team.

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