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Retail Display Ideas to Try in Your Store

All of us know that first impressions matter in the world of retail. It doesn't matter if your window display fails to bring in customers when you have the finest selection of merchandise in your store. The creative display of your products will make ordinary items seem valuable in potential shoppers' eyes. As studies show that information that human beings process come through the sense of sight with 83% while 11% are from hearing.

Human beings are highly visual, and this is a fact that is particularly important when you’re running a physical store. Seeing merchandise in person is one of the main reasons why people decide to shop offline, and it shows how important to design winning retail displays to attract attention.

Encourage people to touch and feel your products

As said, the main reason people store offline instate of online is that retail stores allow shoppers to touch and feel items in person. So, create displays that encourage people to touch and feel your products. Taking out your product from its respective boxes and displaying it on a table or shelf will create interaction and increase the confidence of shoppers to purchase from you. Because they are more likely to purchase from you when they have experienced and are satisfied with the product. As nobody wishes to buy a product that is not to their liking or what they expected.

Turn Your Displays Wall Instagram Worthy

Social media has become a huge part of everyone’s life there are store retailers who use this to their advantage. People nowadays tend to share what they are doing or things that are beautiful to show off that they are living happily on social media, especially on Instagram through “Story”. A simple yet attractive display wall might help you gain some free advertising from the shopper who has taken and shared the photo of your store. To make your display Instagram-worthy, you can use a combination of quotes, creative merchandising ideas, or fun lighting and fixtures. The main objective is to get people into your store and unable to resist snapping photos to post online.

Have something seasonal

Keep a close eye on your retail calendar and make sure that your visual merchandising coincides with relevant shopping events and seasons such as Black Friday or Valentine's Day. Because timely displays will grab the attention of your customers. For instance, during Valentine's season, try changing a corner by adding or mixing more Valentine’s decorations with suitable products into the display will influence shoppers' mood to spend for their loved


Use Technology To “Extend” Your Retail Displays

If you’re looking for ways to showcase your complete product lines without cramming your shelves with too much merchandise, try including technology to “extend” your displays. Apart from that, it creates more interaction as it allows shoppers to see the catalog through a touch-screen display. Many stores are using such displays along with different other digital solutions which helps the customers to have faster and more accurate shopping.

Know that sometimes, less is more

Space conveys value in a retail shop, as when there is more space in a store or display, the merchandise is perceived having higher value. There is a reason why most luxury retailers have standalone cases instead of overstuffing the shelves with items. As you can avoid giving too much detail, as it will keep the focus on the product instead of other items around them. Bear in mind that the amount of space used in your store depends on how you want to be perceived. If you don’t want people to think that your products are cheap, then you’ll want to use fewer items in your display.

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