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Mood Board

What is a mood board?

Mood board is a visual guide or a map of inspiration, it is like a visual presentation of text or images. Mood board helps to establish a clear direction before you start your project and the purpose of mood board is to let you explore new ideas and figure out which genres is suitable for your project theme.

Mood board is like a framework of what elements you going to add into your projects like billboards or posters.

There are words that define the framework:

-Images or photography
-Quotes or texts

Steps of creating a mood board:

1. Write down keywords that related to your work

Create a small keyword list before finding related images or references as it helps you to visualize abstract concepts.

Recommend to think of four to five words if you work alone. Keep a note with you to jot down those keywords as it may decide during a meeting with a client or brainstorming with your team.

2. Find images on the image database (Goggle Image, Pinterest, Canva)

Online databases like Google Images and Pinterest can prove invaluable. They offer different features and strengths that help find a suitable images of your needs.

You can download or copy-paste the image into your document like PowerPoint where you are able to drag around the image easily.

3. Organize your mood board

There is no point in making a mood board when you feel stressed or headache when you can’t easily review your collection. Make it more organized and more structured to fasten your ideas on how to design for your project. If there are too many images in your document like PowerPoint, you are able to divide it into the different slides and state the keywords above and move the image to the related keywords.

As the process goes on, you will start to recognize the elements that most appeal to you. Now, you can refine your investigation, paying special attention to the colors, formats, and textures that you want to include in your design.

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