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How Often Should You Renovate Your Kitchen?

Kitchens are one of the most heavily used rooms in the home with the average person entering the kitchen 2 to 3 times a day. That is why some experts recommend that you should renovate your kitchen every 10 to 15 years. There are certain circumstances where you may want to renovate sooner rather than later. Here are a few things to think about before planning your next renovation.

Kitchen Is Worn Down

At some point, your kitchen cabinets and surfaces will look a little worse for wear. However, you can greatly extend the longevity of your kitchen by choosing high-quality products and materials and carrying out some maintenance along the way. Repainting cabinets, replacing door pulls and resealing counters may be time-consuming, but it’s a lot quicker and more wallet-friendly than a full renovation. If your kitchen is truly past repair, then doing some research into the best materials for your budget will help stretch out the time between renovations.

Changing Styles

Interior trends and styles keep changing from one decade to the next. The styles that were once popular might make the kitchens feel shabby and old-fashioned now. If you still love your old school kitchen, there is no reason why you should renovate it just to keep up with the times! Your home should always be somewhere you feel comfortable, so you should never change it out of fear of what others think.

If you do want to bring your kitchen up to date, it is a good idea to spend a while finding fixtures and fittings with a timeless appeal. Going for neutral colours and finishes that have stood the test of time will help prevent your kitchen from feeling dated too soon.

Improving Functionality

Creating a kitchen that is more aligned with your day-to-day needs is also a good reason to renovate your space. It may have worked fine when you first moved in, but the family arrangements and circumstances change over time, which make your kitchen no longer ideal. Perhaps you need more storage space or an extra surface to keep things neat and tidy. Maybe the entire layout needs to be changed to improve foot traffic and stop the kitchen from feeling cramped.

Hiring an interior designer for your renovation can help you understand where exactly the problems lie and come up with solutions that will work for you and your family. The good news is once you have gone through this process then most future renovations will be minor in comparison.

Broken Or damaged

As mentioned, kitchens are one of the busiest areas in our homes. With all the activities we do in the area, it is not shocking to see various damage issues. Kitchen issues like broken utensils, water leakage, dysfunctional faucets, and sinks are some of the usual problems we have, and these can be fixed individually. However, there are instances that the fixations from these are only temporary, that is why most homeowners decide to renovate the whole area instead. Especially if the damage is severe, kitchen remodelling might be the best solution not only for these problems but also for improving the fixtures in the area.

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