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Four Major Types of Video Marketing

You don’t have to be an expert in video content to take advantage of different types of video marketing for your business. To help you start creating videos like the pros, here is a list of four different types of video marketing you can do on your own.

1. Educational Video

Educational videos teach your audience something new. This type of video marketing helps to build trust between you and your audience because you’re establishing yourself as an expert in your industry.

Educational videos are more suitable for digital service businesses. For example, in the video, you may teach your audience how to use your software. With this, you have the opportunity to show off your brand and your products while teaching people how to use them.

You also may come out with a video of how to choose a suitable graphic according to the product. This is because the suitable graphic will help you increase engagement more effectively. You also can share how your sales funnel works! Provided u are not selling SCAM.

2. Company Culture Video (CCV)

Company culture videos help show off your company’s personality. With this type of video marketing, you’ll want to shoot videos with your mission and values in mind. These videos establish trust between your business and the public, especially if you focus on a commitment to your mission and values. Culture videos are also great for recruiting new hires. But it is also the most time-consuming video.

CCV is normally divided into two, which are Internal and External. The Internal attracts talents and collaboration and it might help get funding as well. One of the examples, When you produce an Employee Testimonial Video. Targeted Talents need to understand how your company will grow them, how they're gonna perform their best, and more! These are the criteria that you can include in the video.

For External, it can help you attract new business and collaboration. For Example, if you're an insurance agent. You need to produce a video that emphasizes the Culture, “You are Ready for your Client, 24/7. ” The video will show how you are able to help your client during their hard times. Especially when it comes to car accidents, they lost their Insurance Card. You will be there.

3. Product Video

Product videos for your video marketing strategy help you showcase your products and get people interested. How you feature your products is up to you, but you can also follow in the footsteps of the companies in these examples. If you are selling a product. You may capture a video of the product Demo so that your audience will understand how the product works. Rather than the Product USP (Unique Selling Point) and Q&A after usage or during usage, a Lifestyle Demo will enhance the brand experience better as they will have a clearer picture of how they gonna enjoy your product. Besides, you may also provide a product launch video to let your audience feel excited about the product launch. But there are some tips for you to do that, Traditional product launches will only promote their product and brand.

4. Testimonial Video

With testimonials in your video marketing strategies, you show that people love your company. In combination with other content you’ve created, these videos help establish trust. If people keep praising a company product, the business must be good, right?

So if you are selling a skincare product, you may provide a testimonial video of a satisfied customer so that your audience will feel confident and convinced when they think of your product.

Besides a common product testimonial video, the Customer Satisfaction Video enhances the after-sales service that will make consumers feel pampered and cared. For example, when a customer had purchased your product, maybe after a few days they met some problem on it and when they contacted you, you are still willing to help them to solve the problem and this will make your consumer feel happy. And maybe you may ask them to capture a satisfying video.

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