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Difference between Interior Design and Interior Decorating

Interior Design vs. Interior Decorating

Interior Design and Interior Decorating are often misunderstood and thought to be interchangeable. If you are looking to make changes to your home or commercial space, it will help you to understand which professional is most suited for your project. As they sound the same, there is a vast difference between the two professions.


What is Interior Design?

Interior design is the art and science of understanding human behavior to create functional spaces. Interior Designers involve space planning, furniture design, and architecture. Their expertise and abilities range from knowing which walls to tear down and adding windows, to creating a cohesive theme for any space.

The Interior Design Process

Interior designers are experts in spatial awareness. During an initial consultation, an Interior Designer will visit the space to analyze how it is currently being used and determine how functionality can improve. The next step is rebuilding. Interior Designers will set the foundation for the project by drawing up an initial floor plan from the details that are set. What separates Interior Designers apart is their ability to think about the overarching goal and understand where the smaller details fit within it.


What is Interior Decorating?

Interior Decorating is the furnishing of a space with fashionable accessories. Interior Decorators will bring a client’s ideas to life by arranging furniture and accessories to fit a specific theme. They mainly focus on the aesthetics of colors and design. They do not take part in the structural renovations.

The Interior Decorating Process

The first step of the process involves creating the ideal look and feel of the interior. At that point, an Interior Decorator can select and place decorative elements throughout different rooms. Interior decorators will pick color schemes, purchase accessories, arrange furniture, and place art to keep with a cohesive theme. They come on board after the structural work is complete.


In short, Interior Decorators only focuses on the presentation of a room, while Interior Designers are trained to look beyond aesthetics to design functional, code-compliant spaces that are healthy as well as beautiful.


So who should I hire?

Who you should hire depends on your needs. If structural changes are needed, such as removing a wall, adding new windows, moving plumbing or wiring around, then Interior Designer is the better choice. Designers are experts in planning for significant structural changes and help make them happen by working closely with architects and builders. On the other hand, if there are NO structural changes needed but you need aesthetic help like deciding on a style, choosing wallpaper, paint, and furnishings, or picking window treatments, and choosing lighting and accessories, then an Interior Decorator will be perfect. Experienced decorators know what works together and can transform a room to suit a client's needs and desires.

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