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5 Interior design trends that will dominate 2022!

We have shared about the 2022 popular color palette, then what about the interior design trends for 2022? Choosing your favorite color palette is not enough as the interior design is what makes your house feel like home which brings fulfillment and happiness to your family.

- DIY and upcycling

2022 will see a surge in homeowners taking on DIY projects as part of creating a more mindful home. Customizing old furniture is a great way to reduce waste and it also means no one else has the same furniture as you!

- Eye-Catching Couches

"Sitting Pretty" with a colorful sofa! People are investing in their homes seriously these days by making sure they are decorated in a way that makes them feel good and safe. Try out the color of 2022, Very Peri, it will give a sense of carefree and elegant feeling to your home!

- Luxe Touches

2022 will be all about home's little luxuries. By adding just a few luxe touches, you will spruce up a room and make your decor feel bright, shiny, and new. Besides, by including furniture with velvet and metallic accents color, or mirrored details, you can always create a wow factor with oversized accessories.

- Sophisticated Studies

Due to the pandemic, many have converted their guest bedrooms or empty corners into home offices or studies corners. You can try bolder colors, wallpapers, and inspiring window treatments.

- Earthy Touches

Layering and mixing patterns related to Mother Nature creates an inviting, warm ambiance in your space. Whether you experiment with various prints or incorporate a few plush textures, one thing's for sure: the final result will be oh-so-cozy.

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