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12 Brand Archetypes : To Create Your Personals Brand

The 12 Brand Archetypes

12 Brand Archetypes by Psychologist Carl Jung


What is Brand Archetypes

Why do certain brands appeal to you, make you feel like buying them, make you feel good about yourself, welcome them into your family, and show loyalty towards them? The answer is

Brand Archetypes.

Psychologist Carl Jung created archetypes to group similar patterns of human personalities. In the branding-sphere, archetypes are utilized by giving a brand more depth, character, and human appeal that communicates effectively to customers.

People are emotional beings that are able to create an unconscious connection between themselves and your brand. According to a popular, and effective, marketing strategy based on the Archetype, it’s because these brands are built around a personality and certain personalities appeal to us more than others.

Giving your brand a personal presence can allow your customers to relate to your brand in the same way they would relate to another person. And if they emotionally connect with this personality, it makes them think, it amuses them or encourages them to be better versions of themselves that is what makes the brand truly irresistible.

Therefore it’s all about turning something impersonal, into something that people can relate to – your brand's passions, missions, values, and even fears. Something with a story. Something personal!


What Are The Benefit Of Knowing Brand Archetypes

Discovering your Brand’s Archetypes (because you’ll most probably find that your brand resonates with two or three), not only does this help you gain a better understanding of your brand’s personality, but you can utilize its traits to realign your brands aesthetic, products, or services, make better-informed decisions, help to bring consistency, use the right tone of voice for your customer and even gain insight into how to deepen your connection with your customers.

Every design decision for your brand should be based around your brand’s personality – from color, font pairings, photography, illustrations, and tone of voice – all of which paint a picture to your customer about your brand.


The List of 12 Brand Archetypes

  1. The Innocent = Safety

  2. The Sage = Knowledge

  3. The Explorer = Freedom

  4. The Outlaw = Revolution

  5. The Magician = Power

  6. The Hero = Mastery

  7. The Lover = Connection

  8. The Jester = Enjoyment

  9. The Everyman = Belonging

  10. The Caregiver = Service

  11. The Ruler = Control

  12. The Creator = Innovation


What Is Your Brand Archetypes?

So, what's your archetypes? Do you recognize your brand or target audience in one of the archetypes mentioned above?

Whether you're looking to gain a better understanding of your brand's personality, need help to realign your brand aesthetic, products, or services with your archetypes, or gain insight into how to deepen your connection with your audience, we'd love to chat. Send us an email

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