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Creative Agency

With a name like Say Sheji, you can be sure your marketing will smell as sweet as a batch of freshly baked cupcakes.


Our innovative approach and market positioning have helped us become the best Creative Agency in Malaysia after only ten years! But don't worry, we're not called "Creative" just because we're good—we also know how to create something that will fit your needs best.


We are experienced designers and always challenge ourselves on our experience, then unlock creativity through color or contrast for an emotional design that is guaranteed to be remembered.

Visual Identity Presentation

Our Creative Agency has a strong focus on Branding, big picture storytelling with an objective-centered approach - discovering your purpose by helping you make the most of your story. 
Leveraging decades of experience in Media Strategy and Advertising , we provide creative branding solutions for organizations like yours. We do it all—strategy, design, advertising.

Marketing Collaterals

Marketing Collaterals is the cornerstone of any business. Whether you're advertising your latest innovation or marketing a new startup, it's important to keep everything organized, clean, and on-brand. We design everything from logos to billboards!

Digital Content Management

Say Sheji is a Digital Creative Agency company with a focus on social media management. Whether your brand is looking to build it from the ground up, whether you've been given an existing account and need help with it, or if you have no idea what any of that even means, they can assist in creating a cohesive ecosystem for your audience to engage with.

The Packaging 

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we know that you're the best in the business regarding what your clients need. We happen to love design and production, so here at Say Sheji, our goal is to make things easy for you by designing pleasant packaging with an engaging, effective meaning behind it.


If your product is looking for a designer who can engage the reader, you have found them. We design not just packaging but wrappers, pouches, stickers, and more. Every project starts with one question: what are customers going to see?. 

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Let's Work Together

Communication and Design are our Expertise. 

Communicate with Us Now, 

Design Your Next Big Things.

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